Poverty Still Present in Saskatchewan Despite Boom

“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members” – Ghandi

We hear it all the time: Saskatchewan is booming. Our economy is the envy of many provinces and growth is hitting a record high. This tale of abundancy and progress, however, is not the case for many Saskatchewan residents. Read more »

A Practical Approach to Environmental Sustainability

The broad consensus among climate scientists is that climate change is happening and happening fast. The three steps I feel a Liberal government could take in addressing this crisis are as follows. Read more »

Alleviating Pressure on Cities amid Growth

Much has been made of Saskatchewan's population hitting a record high. However, it's important to recognize that unlike growth in decades past, which was distributed relatively evenly throughout the province, this new growth is concentrated much more heavily in our major urban areas. Read more »

Election 2016: Why Liberal? Why Now?

 There is a hole that exists today in Saskatchewan's political landscape, one that has undermined the ability of Liberal supporters to have a voice in shaping our province. In 1997, Progressive Conservative and Liberal MLA’s of the day formed the Sask Party in an attempt to end the vote splitting causing the perpetual election of NDP governments. This damaged and fragmented the Liberal brand at both the provincial and federal level as many Liberals moved their votes and support away from the traditional, long standing Liberal organization to join the new hybrid centre-right party. Read more »