Darrin Lamoureux

Saskatchewan Liberal Leader and Candidate for Regina Pasqua  Read more »

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Find your local Liberal candidate  Read more »

Statement on Tragic Shootings in La Loche

REGINA - Statement by Saskatchewan Liberal Leader Darrin Lamoureux on the tragic shootings in La Loche, SK: Read more »

Regina Pasqua Campaign Kickoff

The Saskatchewan provincial election falls on April 4 2016 and the Liberal team for the Regina-Pasqua constituency has been hard at work preparing for a successful campaign! The building process and effort that started two years ago to make a Liberal voice relevant to voters in Saskatchewan has paid off. Read more »

Liberal Candidate Nominations Continue Across Province

The Saskatchewan Liberal Party is pleased to announce that 26 candidates have been selected to-date to represent the Party in the upcoming election on April 4, 2016. Read more »