Michael Wolverine


Michael Wolverine


Michael Wolverine is a business and economic development professional who has served with an extensive list of organizations in and around the province. He has held various positions from board member to founder, to adviser and CEO. Through his abundance of experience, Michael has committed to attaining a strong focus on Northwest Saskatchewan throughout his endeavours.

A life-long supporter of social and community development, Michael was able to realize his passion to serve the public as a young and energetic community advocate. He was introduced to multiple levels of governance including Provincial politics as a young boy, his first trip to the Legislature in Regina, as an elementary student remains one of his fondest memories.

His passion for achieving more grew into a promise to serve the people of Athabasca who are his friends, family and neighbours, so they can reap the benefits of a strong, prosperous north. Through this and many passions for success, he has started, operated and gave new life to numerous businesses and organizations. From founding a Community Aboriginal Organization to founding a Cross-Border economic coalition with Northern Alberta. His interests have always been a cross of public service and public interests.

Michael’s commitment to creating strong communities, empowering people and investing in our future is why he is a Liberal candidate. He believes that his goals and ambitions best fit with the Liberal principles.

Michael is a proud father to three awesome kids and the partner to a beautiful lady. Michael works, and plays in Northwest Saskatchewan, his home.

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