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2019 Policy Convention & AGM

Notice is hereby given of a Policy Convention & AGM of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party, to be held on Saturday May 4, 2019 at the Sandman Hotel, 1800 Victoria Ave E, Regina, beginning at 12:00pm.


Click here to register. The registration cost is $30 per delegate, which includes a light lunch.

Agenda / Documents

Voting Eligibility

Anyone who holds a no-cost Saskatchewan Liberal Party membership as of April 27, 2019 will be eligible to vote at the meeting. Immediate Past members may renew their membership at or any time prior to the meeting and be eligible to vote. All delegates, whether voting members or non-voting (observer), must register in advance.

Executive Nominations

Anyone wishing to seek an elected position on the Provincial Executive must submit an Executive Nomination Form by April 27, 2019 to

Policy Process

The Saskatchewan Liberal Party is inviting any resident of Saskatchewan to submit their ideas for the Saskatchewan they want to see. As part of our 2019 Policy Convention to create a platform for Saskatchewan’s 2020 election, we are soliciting any interested person to submit a policy resolution to the party. This way, we can make sure our platform conforms to what matters most to Saskatchewan, while ensuring the people of Saskatchewan have a chance to share what they want Saskatchewan to be and be heard in the process.

Are you passionate about policy? Is there something you would like to see done differently? Do you wish government listened to the regular voter? Then submit your policy resolution and see it potentially become part of our 2020 platform. Whether your policy is focused on education, healthcare, the economy, the environment, indigenous rights, or anything else, let us know how you would like to see Saskatchewan improved.

How to Participate

Please carefully read our 2019 Policy Resolution Guide for all the information you need to prepare, submit, and champion your resolution. Once you’re ready, submit your resolution using our Policy Submission Form. The deadline for submitting resolutions was March 31st, 2019 and is now closed.

If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ section in the Policy Resolution Guide or email

Submitted Resolutions

Remember that these are proposed resolutions to be considered by voting delegates at convention, and do not form official party policy unless adopted.