George Morin


George Morin

Phone  306-500-7227

  • Born and raised in Sandy Bay
  • Member of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation
  • Completed high school in Regina
  • Attended the University of Saskatchewan for several years
  • Spent his younger years as a trapper, fisherman and hunter
  • Worked for all levels of government - federal, provincial, municipal, First Nation and Métis governments
  • Worked in Human Resource Management, Economic and Community Development

With George’s  diverse work background he was involved in many projects such as being instrumental in the establishment of the first alcohol treatment centre, assisted in the first ever Child Care Centre, the Kikinak Friendship Centre, in the north.

In his capacity as Human Resource Management Consultant within the Saskatchewan Public Service Commission, he was able to make it easier for First Nations and Métis to get government jobs.

When the Europeans tried to ban furs from Canada, George played an important role in stopping the Europeans from doing this. He was part of a Canadian delegation that went to Amsterdam, Holland to help in this cause.

George believes that successive governments have failed the people in this area for far too long, and with your support he would work hard to improve the lives of people of the Cumberland constituency.

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