Help make the Saskatchewan Liberal Party strong, and get a great tax credit too!

Contributions over $25 are eligible for a provincial tax credit of up to $650. This isn't just a deduction, it's a credit taken directly off your owed Saskatchewan income tax. Use our Tax Credit Calculator to help maximize your contribution.

One-Time Donation

Make a one-time donation securely online.

Don't forget that donations over $25 are tax deductible! This means that a donation of $200, for example, actually costs you only $50!

ABC Membership

Becoming an ABC member is an easy way for you to help build the future of our party through an automatic monthly contribution. The minimum monthly contribution is $5 by credit card or through a pre-authorized chequing plan.

ABC membership includes automatic annual renewal and a tax credit - up to 75% back at the end of the year. A $10 monthly contribution costs you only $2.50!