Robert Tutka


Robert Tutka

Phone  1-888-380-7044

  • 5th Generation raised in Aberdeen, SK
  • moved to Saskatoon at age 15
  • attended Walter Murray Collegiate
  • employed by the trucking industry since age 16

I am the 5th generation to be raised in the small town of Aberdeen. It is because of this that I always feel more comfortable in a small town environment. I moved to Saskatoon at age 15 to attend Walter Murray Collegiate and search out some job opportunities as employment is scarce in a small town. After a year, I got into the trucking industry and have worked there ever since.

My trucking career has given me many opportunities to experience the inner workings of a wide range of industries that drive our provinces economy. From in-city and country pick-ups and deliveries;  shipping produced water in the oil patch; to hauling Super B's loaded with grain, fertilizer and road salt throughout the province. I have had the opportunity to meet and see many amazing people who all had stories to share.

I understand the importance of moving our goods and resources to market, and have experienced some of those transportation challenges first hand. I believe the experience I gained allows me to see these problems in a different way and approach them from a different angle. I believe it's time for a blue collar approach - common sense isn't so common any more.


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