Indian Head-Milestone

David Delainey


David Delainey


Born and raised in Pilot Butte, David is a young, hardworking individual who has a passion for helping others. David always appreciated the diversity of his surrounding community while growing up, which is why he is confident he would be a strong candidate in the riding of Indian Head - Milestone.

It is important to offer strong representation to the rural areas, First Nations and surrounding communities in the Indian Head - Milestone constituency. As a young adult, David desires to see our young people stay within our province and work to help their communities.

David graduated from Greenall High School in Balgonie, and immediately started working in the electrical trade. Currently a 4th year apprentice electrician, David is scheduled to complete his education at the Saskatchewan Polytechnic in March 2016.

As an electrician, David had the opportunity to be involved in the installation of the largest rooftop solar array in the entire province of Saskatchewan.

David is looking forward to being involved with the people and the communities of the Indian Head - Milestone constituency. He is always happy to hear the insights and concerns from the people within his constituency in hopes of working towards better community representation.

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