Last Mountain-Touchwood

David Buchocik


David Buchocik


My first political experience began at a very young age of 8 helping my fathers campaign. Since then I have always had a passion for politics, and believe that it results in real change. I was fortunate to work for SaskPower for 25 years, where I was able to meet people from all over Saskatchewan and work in various rural and urban communities.

I decided to run as a candidate for the Saskatchewan Liberal Party after seeing the state of Saskatchewan and I knew that change was needed. The Liberal Party appeared to present this opportunity and I was fortunate enough to be appointed as a candidate for the Last Mountain-Touchwood constituency.

I believe the province needs to take a new approach in regard to the issue of immigration. As not only does the economy suffer due to shortage of skilled labour. The shortage seems to impact the economy, having fewer and fewer immigrants putting down roots in Saskatchewan long term, the amount of investment in infrastructure continues to dwindle.


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