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Terry Gabel


Terry Gabel


Terry Gabel was born in Chibougamau, Quebec, and has resided in Moose Jaw since the age of 11, having grown up in a military family. He has worked in a variety of fields including warehouse and product management, freelance writer and editor, and advertising and retail sales.

A lifelong battle with depression hasn't stopped him from becoming active in his community. He currently serves on the Municipal Planning Commission, Board of Revision (current chairperson), Moose Jaw Public Library Board (current chairperson), and Palliser Regional Library Board (past chairperson). He also participates in a provincial ad hoc committee tasked with developing training modules for Saskatchewan Library Trustees, and advocates on behalf of Social Services clients dissatisfied with decisions of the Ministry at local and provincial appeal hearings. He has previously sat on Moose Jaw's Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, Economic Development Committee and the Industrial Development Committee.

Terry has also volunteered at events such as the Friends of the Library book sales and the Moose Jawg charity race in support of the Moose Jaw Health Foundation.

His hobbies include genealogy, reading, and spending time with friends.

"I want to see the needs of lower income people addressed in ways that are relevant to them. I believe government needs representation from people with a wide range of life experiences and perspectives. I can bring a much needed voice to the Saskatchewan legislature, one that represents everyone in our community."


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