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Making Education Work for Everyone

A strong education system is the cornerstone of a healthy and diverse economy. Although good in many ways, today's education system must be improved to better prepare our students for the challenges they will face when they head into the working world. Read more »

A Better Way to Support Culture, Sports and Parks in Saskatchewan

With an influx of immigration, Saskatchewan has become more culturally diverse than at any other point in our province's history. We as Liberals embrace the cultural differences from all ethnic communities and therefore believe government should support these communities in sharing their culture with the citizens of Saskatchewan. Read more »

Get Involved

We as Liberals, on both federal and provincial levels, have to reclaim the Liberal support that has eroded over the years. Although it appears to be daunting task, it is doable. Read more »

Be Liberal

The recent groundswell of support for the federal Liberals under Justin Trudeau has bolstered the Liberal brand nationally and within Saskatchewan, providing an opportunity for Saskatchewan Liberals to find their voice and start effectively organizing on the provincial level. Hence the urgency of re-establishing the Saskatchewan Liberal Party to better serve the interests of Saskatchewan residents. Read more »

Why Liberal? Why Now?

There is a hole that exists today in Saskatchewan’s political landscape, one that has undermined the ability of Liberal supporters to have a voice in shaping our province. In 1997, Progressive Conservative and Liberal MLA’s of the day formed the Sask Party in an attempt to end the vote splitting causing the perpetual election of NDP governments. Read more »

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