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Lamoureux Proposes Saskatchewan Solutions to Support Exports

Last year while Saskatchewan farmers couldn’t move their grain to market, a rail line from southern Manitoba to the Port of Churchill provided Manitoba farmers with an option to this transport issue. Liberal leader Darrin Lamoureux says it’s time for Saskatchewan to look at our neighbours in Manitoba and put in place rail infrastructure to enable us to transport everything from coal, potash, uranium and grain to the northern Port of Churchill and create a Saskatchewan solution for our export market.

Lamoureux also proposes to  work directly with First Nation governments in developing and operating a pipeline from Lloydminster to the Port of Churchill.

“This will not only be a win for the oil companies as it will allow these companies another transport option but it would also provide First Nations communities with a valuable revenue stream for future generations,” said Lamoureux.

The Saskatchewan Liberal Party would also lobby the federal government to increase the number of eligible landed immigrants currently allocated for Saskatchewan.

“Immigration is the key to Saskatchewan’s growth and prosperity, ” said Lamoureux, “By increasing the number of permanent immigrants it will benefit Saskatchewan in two ways. First, ensuring that the province has the labour force the business community needs in order  to remain competitive in a domestic and more importantly a global marketplace. Secondly, a landed immigrant will set up roots in the community he or she immigrates to, and supporting the local economy.”

Lamoureux believes current temporary foreign workers should be given the first opportunity to apply for permanent residency.