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Saskatchewan Liberals Register Full Slate of Candidates; Request Inclusion in Provincial Leaders Debate

REGINA – The Saskatchewan Liberal Party has officially registered a full slate of sixty one candidates with Elections Saskatchewan prior to the March 19th deadline.

“I am incredibly excited to have a strong and diverse team of candidates working hard to share our Liberal message in communities across the province and to give voters a real choice in this election,” said Darrin Lamoureux, Saskatchewan Liberal Leader.

The Saskatchewan Liberal Party is the only party fielding a full slate of candidates whose leader has been denied an invitation to participate in the televised provincial leaders debate on March 23rd.

“By only including the two party leaders currently sitting in the Legislature, CBC and the broadcast consortium are doing a great disservice to the voting public by limiting the full range of views and options available to voters in this election,” stated Lamoureux, “If the criteria for the debate is that only parties that can form government are invited, then why isn’t Brad Wall standing alone on stage for an hour?”

“The NDP have had eight years to hold the Wall government accountable as opposition in the Legislature, and have proven they are unable to do so. Furthermore, the NDP have essentially conceded 29 seats they know they can’t win in this election (27 rural seats plus two urban candidates fired mid-campaign.) The Liberal Party is the only other option to bring new ideas, real leadership and real change to bring effective opposition to the Legislature on April 4th,” concluded Lamoureux.

The Saskatchewan Liberal Party is encouraging those who want to see a meaningful televised leaders debate to contact CBC at or 1-866-306-4636 and ask them to include Liberal Leader Darrin Lamoureux.