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Saskatchewan Liberals Release 2016 Platform

REGINA – The Saskatchewan Liberal Party released their 2016 election platform today, focusing on a 5-point plan to build a strong and diversified economy, support sustainable communities, make education work for everyone, bring leadership to health care, and implement fair and efficient government.

“Saskatchewan Liberals are ready with new ideas and a strong team to bring real leadership and real change to the Saskatchewan legislature on April 4th,” said Liberal Leader Darrin Lamoureux, “This platform document outlines the values we stand for and our ideas to help Saskatchewan reach its full potential. In the Legislature, I will lead the fight on these and other important issues. Most importantly, I will listen to the constituents of Regina Pasqua and all Saskatchewan citizens to ensure that their voices are heard.”

Some of the key platform points include:

  • invest in infrastructure initiatives to get Saskatchewan goods and resources to new and existing markets, including a pipeline and rail line to connect with the Port of Churchill
  • phase out the temporary foreign workers program and expand the provincial nominee program to fill employment vacancies
  • reinstate and enhance the film employment tax credit
  • raise the minimum wage to $11.75 per hour on July 1, 2016, then to $13.00 per hour on July 1, 2017
  • raise the basic personal income tax exception to a level equivalent to a full-time minimum wage job, and provide a working tax credit to refund the federal income tax collected on earned income up to the new basic personal amount
  • offer an income tax rebate to homeowners covering up to 25% of the cost of installing solar or wind generation facilities
  • support public delivery of health care
  • limit political donations and reduce the size of the Legislature to 48 members.

Click here to read our full 2016 platform: