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Saskatchewan Liberals Will Fight to Ban Corporate and Union Donations

SASKATOON – Darrin Lamoureux, Saskatchewan Liberal Leader, announced that if elected he will fight to ban all corporate and union donations to provincial political parties, and to eliminate third party political advertising.

“Democracy is about individuals expressing their right to support candidates and political parties of their choosing, but the influence of corporate money, much of it from out-of-province, undermines the ability for Saskatchewan citizens to control their own political process,” said Lamoureux, “The Sask Party is well funded by corporate donations from large Alberta-based companies, which raises the question of whether their loyalties rest with the people of Saskatchewan, or with the companies that fund their campaigns.

On the other side, the influence of unions in the political process undermines the rights of the individual union members, who may or may not share the same political views.”

This commitment expands on the Saskatchewan Liberal Party’s 2016 election platform that proposed to limit political party contributions to $3000 per year, which would apply to individual donations.

“The NDP have decided to also jump in on this issue in this by-election, however during the 2016 election they failed to fight against getting union and corporate money out of politics until Liberal and other groups raised it in 2016,” said Lamoureux, “Democracy is stronger when the political process is truly open for all individual citizens to participate.”