Saskatchewan Liberals Announce Tara Jijian as Interim Leader

REGINA – Tara Jijian has been appointed Interim Leader of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party. The announcement was made at a gathering of members and supporters in Regina on Sunday.

Jijian is a community volunteer and has been an advocate in the areas of education, mental health, workplace safety, and building safer communities. She previously ran as a Liberal candidate in the 2016 provincial election in the constituency of Regina Coronation Park. Jijian decided to take on the role of Interim Leader because of her belief that Saskatchewan is in need of a strong Liberal-minded voice now more than ever, at a time when the other political parties are becoming increasingly polarized.

“I believe that the principles of liberalism are alive and well in this province. Through meaningful consultation with our members, the public, and a broad range of community groups, our party will be putting forward progressive policies that will benefit every Saskatchewan citizen,” said Jijian, “This is a party of openness, of fairness, and transparency. Over the coming months, we’ll be taking steps to welcome people from all demographics and backgrounds to contribute to the dialogue.”

“The most important personal values for me are hard work, respect and trust. Those principles will guide our leadership team as we engage with all stakeholders in developing sound policies to take to Saskatchewan voters in the next election,” concluded Jijian.

The party has begun preparations for a leadership convention to select a permanent leader, which will take place in 2018.