Liberal Leader Joins Calls for Sask Education Minister to Resign

REGINA – Interim Saskatchewan Liberal Leader Tara Jijian is calling on the Minister of Education to resign, following comments the minister made in a speech to the legislature about treaty education, based on a misrepresentation of her son’s classroom assignment.

“When reconciliation takes a step backwards in the legislature, it is essential to hold those responsible to account,” said Jijian, “In these complex times all of us - parents, teachers, and our children - need a champion to nurture the best of our education system, a champion we can all count on in the education portfolio. Minister Eyre has lost the trust we all so desperately need and want for our kids, and when a minister loses that, resignation is the right thing to do.”

In keeping with the endorsement and recognition of the outcomes and recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on June 20, 2015, The Saskatchewan Liberal Party believes that treaty education is fundamental to the curriculum for all Saskatchewan students from K-12.