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Our Ideas

This page presents a summary of our 2016 election platform.
We invite you to take part in our policy development process, which will help shape our official platform for the next provincial election.

Building a Strong and Diversified Economy

Investments in Infrastructure to get Goods and Resources to Market

Increase investment in infrastructure initiatives to improve transport of Saskatchewan goods and resources to existing and new markets.

Collaborate with First Nations to support innovative ideas to improve employment and development opportunities across the province.

Reinstate Film Tax Credit

Restore the film employment tax credit eliminated by the Sask Party to start rebuilding the film industry in the province.

Immigration is Key to Future Growth

Increase permanent immigration levels to provide the labour force required by Saskatchewan businesses to grow. 

Gradually phase out the temporary foreign workers program by providing a path to permanent citizenship.

Invest in the Future

Once the public debt is fully eliminated, invest 50% of all future non-renewable resource revenues into a new sovereign wealth fund.

Implementing Fair and Efficient Government

Ban Corporate and Union Political Donations

Ban political party contributions from corporations and unions and limit personal donations to $3000 per year.

Reduce the Size of the Legislature

Reduce the number of MLAs in the Legislature from 61 to 48 members to reduce cost and maximize efficiency.

Government Transparency

Review all government procurement procedures to ensure that they are fair, transparent and in the best interest of taxpayers.

Supporting Sustainable Communities

Poverty Reduction

Raise the basic personal income tax exemption to a level equivalent to a full-time minimum wage job, allowing low income earners more disposable income to cover the basic necessities of life.

Green Energy Entrepreneurship

Mandate SaskPower to purchase locally produced renewable energy at a fair market rate.

Offer an income tax rebate to homeowners, businesses and farms covering up to 25% of the cost of installing solar or wind generation facilities.

Eliminate PST on Insurance and Children’s Clothing

Immediately roll back the PST on home and vehicle insurance
and children’s clothing.

Bringing Leadership to Health Care

Timely access to critical health services, including mental health, addictions, and long-term care.

Support palliative care services, both home/community-based and in hospital, and expand home care services.

Undertake initiatives to reduce emergency room wait times.

Making Education Work for Everyone

Reduce Post-Secondary Debt

Stabilize provincial funding for universities to alleviate rising tuition rates.

Reduce rate of interest for government student loans.

Provide Stable Funding for K–12 Education

Ensure per-student funding to school districts reflects current year enrollment numbers.

Provide schools and teachers with access to discretionary funds to cover individual classroom needs.

Give communities a say in how education funding is collected and spent.

Note: Some information on this page has been updated/revised since original publication.