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Our Ideas

Building a Strong and Diversified Economy

Green Energy Entrepreneurship
The need to shift towards more renewable energy is critical as we work to reduce our environmental impact while ensuring a long-term,
secure energy supply.

Saskatchewan Liberals will take an entrepreneurial approach by implementing a Feed in Tariff system, allowing anyone to contribute to the electrical grid. The rate will be set to 50% of the personal rate charged by SaskPower. This way, all producers (big or small) will benefit from any market changes. We will also introduce tax incentives for investments to help offset initial set up costs.

Building Infrastructure to Get Goods and Resources to Market
Our province needs more ways to get our goods to market. Our solution is to connect our existing rail lines to the port in Churchill, MB for direct access to tidewater. We will work in collaboration with First Nations communities and other partners to open up our province to new markets, creating more value for our resources and products.

Reinstate Film Tax Credit
Saskatchewan Liberals will restore the film employment tax credit eliminated by the Saskatchewan Party to start rebuilding the film industry in the province, creating jobs and millions of dollars in economic benefits.

Leadership in Education & Health Care

Putting Our Children First
The pandemic has put into focus an ongoing failure of the Saskatchewan Party to sufficiently support our K-12 education system. Saskatchewan Liberals will support teachers and students through long term funding commitments and addressing the issue of large class sizes.

We will also collaborate with First Nations and the federal government to improve on‐reserve child care, and make quality, licensed child care affordable for all low‐income and lower middle income families.

Improving Senior’s Health
Saskatchewan Liberals will advocate for expanded senior health care, a prescription drug plan for seniors, and the expansion of home care services.



Supporting Families and Communities

Eliminate PST on Insurance
People shouldn’t be penalized for taking the responsibility of protecting their assets against unfortunate events or disasters. Therefore, Saskatchewan Liberals will remove Provincial Sales Tax from all insurance products sold in Saskatchewan.

Modernizing the Tax System
Saskatchewan Liberals will reduce the tax burden for the average family by adjusting income tax brackets to better reflect current incomes and inflation.

Long Term Municipal Funding Plan
Saskatchewan’s population has climbed to new highs, with pressure on cities to build and maintain important infrastructure for their residents. Saskatchewan Liberals will establish a long term plan for municipalities to ensure stable and predicable local funding.

Reducing Post-Secondary Student Debt
Saskatchewan Liberals will reduce the rate of interest for government student loans to the lowest rate of borrowing that the Government of Saskatchewan has access to.


Ensuring Fair and Efficient Government

Ban Corporate and Union Political Donations
It’s important that government be accountable to voters, not to the interests of large political donors. Currently there are no limits on political donations in our province. Saskatchewan Liberals will limit personal donations to $3000 per year, and ban donations from any corporation or trade union.

Reduce the Size of the Legislature
Saskatchewan has the largest number of MLAs relative to population in Western Canada. Saskatchewan Liberals believe that effective political representation can be maintained while improving efficiency and reducing costs. We will reduce the numbers of members in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan from 61 to 50 based on an average constituency of 24,000 voters. This would save Saskatchewan taxpayers approx.
$1.1 million each year.