Regina Coronation Park

Tara Jijian


Tara Jijian


I am a single parent with children, I face the same struggles with childcare, healthcare, and work/life balance as every other parent. With proper funding and programming through education, recreation and affordable childcare, I know we can ease the day to day stresses for average families.

I believe every person is entitled to a safe workplace and to challenge the systems currently in place to improve workplace safety.

I am an active advocate for healthcare in our province and I know that our system requires major reform and an increase in funding.

It is not easy to be heard when you are an average citizen. I decided to run in this election because I will be a strong opposition to the current government and I will always challenge what is wrong and stand for what is right.

I believe in the Liberal platform and I am excited to bring real change to the Saskatchewan Legislature on April 4th.

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