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Curt Schroeder


Curt Schroeder


My reasons for being a Liberal candidate are rooted in the belief that Saskatchewan can prosper economically and socially with a party that is committed to principles of fairness, liberty and good governance. That’s why I’m a Liberal. These guiding principles provide the basis for all our party priorities, and for me, especially that of the environment and economy. We need to find better ways to share the wealth of our natural resources, contribute to carbon reduction, stop harming our environment and find ways to deal with injustices such as poverty that affect the lives of many. I believe these issues are linked and progress can occur when we make them a priority.

My political beliefs are grounded in my own personal convictions and life experiences. I have been an avid outdoor person since my youth and fell in love with nature and its creatures. I studied biology in high school, then zoology in university and finally wildlife conversation in graduate school (U. of Calgary). I spent several years as manager of several zoos and wild animal parks in Ontario and Saskatchewan, including the Moose Jaw Wild Animal Park. I spent seven years as Executive Director of Nature Saskatchewan, working with volunteers and researchers to advance our care and understanding of Saskatchewan’s natural history. I am a graduate of Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s ecotourism program in Prince Albert. As a graduate of the U of Regina’s computer science and new media program I taught computer science and environmental science at First Nations University in Regina. Since 2002, I’ve been an instructor in learning technologies at Sask Polytech, Regina Campus.

I’m married, with three grown children. Originally from Calgary, I have made Saskatchewan my home for 25 years.

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