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Regina Northeast By-Election

Reid Hill


Reid Hill is your Saskatchewan Liberal candidate in the upcoming Regina Northeast by-election on September 12, 2018.

  • Lifelong resident of Regina
  • Graduated from the U of R in 2012
  • Served in the military reserve from 2009-2012
  • Rotarian and volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society
  • Enjoys curling and golfing

Reid Hill is a lifelong resident Regina. He is actively involved in his community, whether it’s helping out at curling events or raising money for charitable organizations.

Reid developed his passion for politics after the 2011 elections, when Brad Wall and Stephen Harper both formed majority governments. He quickly realized that the governments at both provincial and federal levels where only pushing their own narrow minded agendas, and not truly addressing the needs of the majority of citizens. The need for a strong political alternative has driven him to run in the upcoming by-election. He wants to see government held to account for their actions, and for them to give a stronger voice to the citizens they govern.

“A government that lacks a clear long term vision, while only looking at short terms budgets, is a failure to our province. A government is not a corporation, and can’t be run just like a for-profit business would be. The role of government is to serve its people, while constantly striving to improve the lives of citizens in both the short and long term. This is what draws me to politics and the Saskatchewan Liberals, a party that has a strong vision for the future of our great province.”

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