Regina Walsh Acres

Reina Sinclair


Reina Sinclair


Born in Regina, Reina Sinclair is a mother and nana, and is presently a Community Manager for a local rental properties company. She is also an avid Saskatchewan Roughrider fan.

Reina was involved as a volunteer with several local Liberal Party campaigns in the recent federal election, including Louis Browne. She has also previously been a Liberal candidate, running provincially in 1999 and federally in 1993. She stepped back from politics after losing her son in 2000. However, it has been the political involvement of her twin grandsons, Javin and Jordan, that has inspired her to again seek public office.  She feels that it is important that we encourage our young people by showing them that politics can be an honourable and rewarding career choice.

"The reason I have decided to get involved with Darrin Lamoureux and the Saskatchewan Liberals is simple. They represent real change and an obvious alternative to the existing two parties. What I respected the most in the federal election was that Justin Trudeau and his team campaigned on issues, rather than personal attacks. I also decided that it was time for a change in Saskatchewan as issues like education, healthcare, jobs and our youth have not been made top priority. We need to start making sound business decisions that are good for all of the residents in Regina. We need to have a better working relationship with Ottawa on infrastructure, so projects started a year ago are not sitting idle waiting for decisions to be made. We need to invest more in our young people to improve  education, jobs, and the trades. It is with all of the above in mind that I am honoured to let my name stand as the Saskatchewan Liberal candidate for Regina Walsh Acres."


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