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Robert Rudachyk


Robert Rudachyk

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Born in Saskatoon on May 21, 1967, I grew up in the City of Weyburn, Saskatchewan. After completing my High School in Weyburn, I returned to Saskatoon to study Biology at the University of Saskatchewan where I received my Bachelor of Sciences degree in 1990.

After graduation, I worked as a Lab Technician at the University until an opportunity arose to move to Vancouver in early 1992. While working in Vancouver and Kelowna, I discovered one of my true passions, beekeeping, and I kept hobby hives in Vancouver for several years. During this time, I met my future wife Naoko. After a whirlwind courtship, Naoko and I moved to Japan where I took a job teaching English in the spring of 2002. We were married shortly after I arrived in Japan, and I taught English for two years.

In 2004, I moved back to Vancouver and took a job as a First Aid Attendant in the construction industry, while working on my wife’s immigration applications. She joined me in Vancouver in 2005. Shortly after that, we were delighted to find out that we would soon be blessed with the arrival of our son, who was born in 2006. My career also progressed as I pursued occupational health and safety and became a Construction Safety Officer on various construction sites.

In 2008, we were overjoyed by the birth of our daughter. My career continued to grow as I moved into safety logistics, relocated my family back home to Saskatoon, and earned the position as Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator. Currently I am employed as the Regional Manager (Saskatchewan) for Hallcon Crew Transport.

My wife and I own our home in the Mayfair neighborhood of Saskatoon. I have been very active in the community, sitting for one year on the School Community Council of Mayfair Community School, and I have recently finished a two year term as President of the local community association. I have been very active in my faith and have worked for 24 years in community building and networking within my faith. I am very active in some antiracism campaigns both in Canada and the US within my faith group.

Some of my other hobbies are historical re-enactment, wood and amber carving, brewing, cooking, hunting and fishing. I also carry a deep interest in environmental and scientific issues as well as world affairs.

I have always felt a strong calling to build a better community, whether it be through my faith community, or the neighborhood in which I live. I have always striven to leave the places I am in a better state than which I found them. This has led me to feel a calling toward public service and a desire to be a part of a government that will work to improve the lives of as many Canadians as possible.

I believe in honesty and integrity above all else. I am a very complex person, and the best way to get to know me it to speak to me. Feel free to contact me for a face to face conversation. I would hope to encourage your support to help me bring this idea to the Legislature.

Robert Rudachyk

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