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Ezaz Jaseem


Ezaz Jaseem

Phone  306-716-3929

Ezaz Jaseem is a small business owner and possesses a B.SC (Honours) Degree in Agriculture. He has served in a variety of positions with Nationwide franchises.

A long-time community activist, Ezaz is passionate about his involvement with local organizations and has become a strong voice on local and provincial issues.

Saskatchewan Liberal Party has nominated Ezaz Jaseem as a candidate for the upcoming provincial election from Saskatoon-University riding. Ezaz is a proud resident of this constituency.

Ezaz has dedicated himself for the betterment of the Saskatoon-University area and its residents on a full time basis. Mr. Jaseem is well acquainted with his constituents. He spares no pains to do everything possible for the good of his constituents as regards their needs. He has ample time to fully engage himself in Saskatoon-University riding. As a local resident, Ezaz is well acquainted with local problems. If elected, he will employ his best efforts to solve these problems.

As a proud Canadian, Ezaz yearns to serve his fellow Canadians within the principles of equality and justice.

Mr. Jaseem is optimistic about the growth and prosperity of Saskatchewan. He believes in the potential of his fellow Saskatchewanians to work together to make dreams come true. Elect him as your own candidate to bring the change you want to see in Saskatchewan!

As a provincial candidate for Saskatoon-University, he enjoys knocking on doors, meeting residents and listening to their views. He wants to represent your voice. Please feel free to contact him and give your feedback.

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