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The Saskatchewan Liberal Party is an open and independent centrist political party working to help Saskatchewan people, families and businesses grow and prosper.

Our Principles

  • We are motivated by a desire to maximize freedom and the quality of life for the individual in society.
  • We believe in the right of all citizens to self-determination as long as it does not deny that right to others.
  • We believe that the role of government is to promote liberty by ensuring equality of opportunity.
  • We believe that power is best invested in the individual and that centralization of power poses a threat to personal liberty.
  • We recognize both economic and social diversity as necessary to innovation and prosperity.
  • We believe that healthy democracy requires freedom of thought and expression.

We declare our belief in the above as expressed by the following principles:

Personal Liberty

Individuals should be guaranteed the freedom to live their own lives as they see fit. Freedom requires not only the absence of government interference, but protection from coercion and other barriers to freedom such as poverty and illness. Government exists to foster the conditions for personal freedom, not to impose or encourage any way of life over any other. Justice is the protection of rights and freedoms, not punishment and imposition of order.

Free Enterprise

Individuals should be free to develop their talents and pursue their own projects in life compatible with the liberty of others. The entrepreneurial spirit of the individual must be fostered and allowed to flourish in all areas, whether artistic, commercial, charitable, or academic. The role of the state is to foster a free market economy by cultivating conditions of fair competition and ensuring equal opportunity of citizens to participate. Social and economic ventures should be the result of community and individual initiatives.

Responsible Government

Government is responsible to the electors, not to special interest groups. Decisions should be conducted with full transparency and with maximum opportunity for public input. Wherever possible, decision-making power should be decentralized and localized. The central government is responsible for those issues affecting the province as a whole: justice, the environment, ensuring a fair and competitive marketplace, and the provision of public goods and services.

Based on the Declaration of the Principles of Prairie Liberalism, as passed at the 2009 Saskatchewan Liberal Convention.

Our History

Through our history both in and out of government, the Saskatchewan Liberal Party has a strong legacy that has made an indelible impact on the Saskatchewan we know today.

As the governing political party in Saskatchewan for its first 20 years, Sask Liberal policies formed the basis for much of how our province has developed over the next 117 years. Under Walter Scott, Saskatchewan’s first Premier, the Sask Liberal government developed policies to create Wascana Park (today one of the largest urban parks in the world), the creation of rural municipalities (a form of local government unique to only Saskatchewan and Manitoba), and allowing for communities to be connected through early rural telephone services.

While Tommy Douglas is often considered the founder of Medicare, Sask Liberals first proposed the creation of province-wide health insurance in 1944. Even earlier, it was Sask Liberal Premier James Garfield “Jimmy” Gardiner who in 1928 introduced the first legislation to provide free hospitalization and treatment for victims of tuberculosis anywhere in North America.

These are just a few examples of the positive influence that Sask Liberal policies have had on our province. While electoral fortunes have fluctuated, our core principles of prairie Liberalism have remained nearly constant throughout our Party’s history. We remain steadfast in our mission of offering a centrist, pragmatic alternative to the hard left and right wing parties, promoting policies that will help the people of this province enjoy a more prosperous future.

The Saskatchewan Liberal Party is an independent entity, and has had no affiliation with the federal Liberal Party since 2009.

Party Governance

The Saskatchewan Liberal Party is governed according to our constitution, along with other documents that help shape internal policies and procedures. Operations are overseen by our Provincial Executive, which is elected by the membership of the party. Party membership is open to anyone at least 14 years of age who subscribes to the principles, aims and objectives of the party, is a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, a resident of Saskatchewan, and is not a member of any other provincial political party. We welcome those from all walks of life in a spirit of respect and inclusion towards our common political goals.

Our Commitment to Reconciliation

The Saskatchewan Liberal Party acknowledges and honours Saskatchewan treaty areas 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10. We are committed to moving forward in economic, financial and social partnerships with First Nations and the Métis people of Saskatchewan, in the spirit of truth, reconciliation and collaboration.