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Strong Leadership and Vision Key to our Province’s Future Success

Someone asked me, what does Saskatchewan need in the 21st century? My answer to that is a vision for the future. Like it or not, this world is changing. Some things for the better, some for the worse. The pandemic is shaking all of us to the core, taking the health and lives of those dearest to us and devastating the economy in the process. Climate change is a real and present threat to the very foundations of this province. But all is not doom and gloom. For each danger and risk, we are offered an equally great opportunity. The key here is not to fear change, but rather to embrace it with the courage and strength that built this province. Within the energy industry, job losses and insecurity abound, but it need not be so. So many of the skills of our oil and gas workers could be put to use in the renewable energy sector drilling geothermal wells, erecting wind turbines and solar farms. Developing partnerships with farmers, ranchers, and First Nations to farm wind and solar power as a new cash crop would protect them from the dangers associated with climate change. Investing in power storage such as battery farms and hydrogen production would ensure that everyone in this province has a reliable power supply within the new and modern power grid that this province needs to invest in to replace the archaic and dilapidated one we now possess. We could be partnering with local businesses across the province to develop a network of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Yes we could, but unfortunately, the current government is trapped in the previous century trying desperately to cling to a past that no longer exists. Scott Moe and the Saskatchewan Party live in a fantasy world where nothing has changed since oil was $100 a barrel and we were riding the crest of a commodity boom, but that boom turned to bust a long time ago, and instead of planning for the future, all they can think of us bringing back the past. The NDP under Ryan Meili may be led by a truly nice person, but sadly they do not have the strength of purpose and will to lead this province out of the last century. What we need is a third voice. A voice of strength, a voice of clarity, and a voice with a vision of the greatness that this province could achieve in the 21st century if guided by strong leadership. Only the Saskatchewan Liberal Party has that vision and strength. During the last election, only our party had a clear and concise plan to diversify and develop our renewable energy sector. Only our party had a plan to make it easier to own an electric vehicle and ours is the only party with a vision and clarity of plan to bring economic growth and opportunities to every single person in this province that wants it. Our party is that chance for growth, but we need each and every one of you to help make it a reality. Become active in the party at a local or provincial level. Consider a run in your riding in the next election, volunteer, donate, or show your friends and family that they do have a choice. We have time to build for the next election, so let us make the most of this opportunity and prepare ourselves to win seats in the 2024 election. Get involved now. This is your chance. Don’t let it slip away.

Robert Rudachyk
Interim Saskatchewan Liberal Leader