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A Practical Approach to Environmental Sustainability

The broad consensus among climate scientists is that climate change is happening and happening fast. The three steps I feel a Liberal government could take in addressing this crisis are as follows.

The most important step is diversifying energy sources and encouraging Saskatchewan citizens to take a leadership role in changing our reliance on fossil fuels. Through tax incentives and creation of Saskatchewan venture bonds, existing Saskatchewan corporations could be promoted to being leaders for change in our province. They could be encouraged to reinvest a portion of their profits into environmentally friendly solutions. The result of diversifying what these corporations currently provide to the global community, with alternate energy sources such as solar and wind power, will ensure these companies remain competitive.

The idea that Saskatchewan could one day be a major manufacturer of electric cars, solar panels and windmills would have a positive result creating an export market for these items. A huge spinoff of employment would be created from the production of these items, as well as building a clean energy legacy for future generations.

The second change in policy a Liberal government should promote in Saskatchewan is greater diversity and sustainability in farming practices. Climate change is expected to have a mixed impact on the province. There is the possibility of a longer growing season, but at the same time more extreme weather events and the likelihood of more intense droughts. A Liberal government would work with farmers and universities to find ways to take advantage of the possibility of a longer growing season to improve food production. Increasing crop production would ease the world food shortages that will inevitably occur from climate change.

SaskPower is forecasting that the carbon capture installation in the Boundary 3 plant will remove 90% of the CO2 and other omissions from its flue gas. Not only will this technology remove these impurities but it will also be able to harvest this product into a salable commodity. If the results from this installation even come close to what is forecast, Liberals should work hard to promote this technology around the world.

A Liberal government would provide practical leadership on environmental issues related to current and future economic activity, leaving a positive legacy for future generations to enjoy the natural wealth of our province.

Deb Cheesbrough

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