Menu Close Petition Hits Second Major Milestone

SASKATOON, SK – The petition, launched by Saskatchewan Liberal Leader Jeff Walters, just hit its second major milestone: 20,000 signatures.

“We started this not knowing what to expect,” stated Walters. “20,000 confirmed signatures was our second major target and we just achieved it.”

The petition to trigger a province-wide plebiscite for an independent inquiry into the Premier Scott Moe government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic was launched back on April 19th. It hit 15,000 signatures back in June. Walters privately organized it, paid for it, and kept it alive with constant effort. To date, no other political party or entity has stepped up to help or support it publicly.

“It has been quite a grind so far,” joked Walters, “but while no other organization has helped, there have been plenty of individuals who have, to my eternal gratitude. In the end, 20,000 folks, and the prospect of many more to come, cannot be denied.”