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Damaging Budget Result of Sask Party’s Own Financial Mismanagement

The Saskatchewan Party government has released a budget that comes too late in addressing the deep financial hole that they themselves are responsible for creating. As a result, every Saskatchewan citizen is now being forced to pay for the Sask Party’s financial mismanagement over the last decade.

This marks the fifth deficit budget for the Sask Party since forming government. After squandering every last dollar of resource revenues during the boom, we are now faced with the dire consequences of rising taxes, severe cuts to critical government services, and massive layoffs.

While acknowledging the need to diversity our provincial economy further away from volatile resource revenues, the Sask Party government has done little to encourage such change. Many of the cuts announced today, such as the 5% reduction to post-secondary education funding, will only act to stifle the very innovation that our province needs in order to build a successful economy in the long term.

The Saskatchewan Liberal Party has and will continue to put forward alternative ideas to build a strong and diversified Saskatchewan economy, such as:

  • Strategic investment in infrastructure initiatives to get Saskatchewan goods and resources to existing and new markets, including collaborations with Indigenous governments to improve employment and development opportunities
  • Restoring the film employment tax credit and supporting new creative and technology-based industries
  • Supporting green energy entrepreneurship including tax rebates to homeowners, businesses, and farms to build solar and wind generation facilities
  • Stabilizing funding for universities and post-secondary institutions
  • Creating a sovereign wealth fund to invest future non-renewable resource revenues