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Introducing a New Look and New Attitude for the Sask Liberals

We are excited to unveil a fresh look for the Saskatchewan Liberal Party!

We are not the same party we were ten, five, or even two years ago. It is time for us to update our branding to reflect who we are today and where we aim to go.

It’s been a rough road for the Sask Liberals these past several years. Multiple leaders, a dwindling base, and lack of candidates have put the party at the lowest point in its history of existence. This has left many prairie Liberals despondent and without representation or place to call a political home.

But the “lean years” are now over. We are rising again and taking our rightful place in the mainstream discourse of Saskatchewan. It is truly a rebirth and there is a sense of optimism and possibilities in the air.

To commemorate this rise, the Sask Liberals have chosen to go for a fresh new look. Our new identity is centered around embracing a new way forward, not just for our party, but for the entire province. This means bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to the people of Saskatchewan, focused on making life better for families, communities, and businesses.

It also means being bold and confident in our approach. While remaining respectful of differing voices, we are no longer afraid to ruffle a few feathers. We’re just too excited about the potential of this amazing province to be quiet about it. We’re ready for prime time.

Further, we aim to be a welcoming home for the majority of moderate voters, as the other parties in this province continue to drift further to the edges of the political spectrum.

Fresh ideas, fresh perspectives, and a fresh look. Folks in Saskatchewan deserve better than what they have been getting. They deserve more options to cast a meaningful vote and a real choice at the ballot box. Saskatchewan Liberals will be that choice.

We are moving forward to give Saskatchewan a NEW WAY FORWARD they can be proud of!

Jeff Walters
Leader, Sask Liberal Party

P.S. Help us keep the momentum going by donating $25 now towards our branding and marketing projects.