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Moe Gaslighting the Convoy

REGINA, SK – Saskatchewan Liberal leader Jeff Walters is calling Premier Scott Moe’s support of the “Trucker Convoy” gaslighting.

“Premier Moe has shown little concern for nurses and teachers throughout the pandemic. Now he chooses to cheer on and gaslight a convoy that endangers our roads, and our Nation’s capital,” said Walters.

Walters points out that neither healthcare professionals nor teachers walked out on their jobs despite all the pressure they have worked through due to COVID-19. Transportation is critical to the supply chain that provides basic goods, including food to the tables of Saskatchewan families. As an essential service, those in the convoy should be held to the same standard. Instead, the Premier has chosen to rile them up.

“We all know that the virus is spreading like wildfire, and it is affecting all of us,” said Walters, “but, instead of taking the opportunity to unify us, Premier Moe has instead chosen to pour fuel on the fire, to gaslight us into further division. When the Prime Minister needs to be evacuated because of safety concerns, we see that this is dangerous and irresponsible.”

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