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NDP Out of Ideas; Copy and Paste from Liberal Candidate in Fairview By-Election

SASKATOON – As the by-election race in Saskatoon Fairview heats up, it has become clear that Shah Rukh and the Saskatchewan Liberals are the only campaign putting forward new ideas and real solutions to help families in the constituency.

From the beginning of the campaign, Shah Rukh and his Liberal team have been campaigning to immediately roll back the PST on necessities including insurance premiums and children’s clothing.

“When I get calls from the people of Saskatoon Fairview, the PST on necessities is the top issue that comes up. This is hurting seniors on fixed incomes; this is hurting single parents doing their best to raise their kids; this is hurting those who are vulnerable; this is hurting many in Saskatoon Fairview,” said Rukh.

With just a week and a half left in the campaign, the local NDP candidate has decided to simply copy and paste from the Liberal candidate’s literature. “This is clear proof that the NDP have no original ideas, and are disconnected from the most important issues facing the people of Saskatoon Fairview,” said Rukh, “If this issue is so important to the NDP, why did they not fight against it in the legislature when the budget came out?”

“I live and work here in this constituency and have a solid connection with many constituents and neighbours. While I’m honoured that the NDP candidate apparently thinks highly of the Liberal message, why not vote for the candidate who is consistently standing up for Fairview residents. Not only will I bring effective opposition against Sask Party mismanagement, I will also continue to provide strong leadership and real solutions to make life better for families in Saskatoon Fairview and across our province,” concluded Rukh.