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Premier Moe’s Strategy in Carbon Tax Fight Fails to Serve Saskatchewan People

SASKATOON – Scott Moe and the Sask Party’s ongoing strategy of defiance and obstruction on the climate file has provided an enormous disservice to the long term interests of Saskatchewan people, according to the Leader of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party.

“The Saskatchewan government’s unwillingness to negotiate in good faith with the federal government to create a meaningful and effective made-in-Saskatchewan climate action plan has so far served the interests of our province very poorly,” said Naveed Anwar, Saskatchewan Liberal Leader.

Earlier this year, Saskatchewan officially lost out on $62.5 million in funding through the Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund by refusing to sign on to the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. Now, we are left on the outside looking in with the federal government’s recent announcement to implement a backstop in Saskatchewan by providing carbon pricing rebates directly to Saskatchewan residents.

“We recognize that there are legitimate concerns and questions surrounding many details of the federal government’s carbon pricing strategy. However, by not taking a seat at the table our provincial government has put themselves in the position of having little to no say in negotiating for our regional interests to ensure that Saskatchewan-based industries are not unduly impacted,” said Anwar, “Further, the Sask Party’s only so-called plan is estimated to reduce total emissions by just 1.1% by 2030, a far cry from national and international targets.”

“Saskatchewan people deserve real leadership on this file, not threats, court challenges and snide Twitter comments from ministers and the former Premier. We deserve political leadership that will look out for the long-term interests of Saskatchewan’s economy by acknowledging both the challenges and opportunities we can seize upon to build a sustainable and prosperous economic future,” concluded Anwar.