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Public Inquiry to be Pursued if Independent Review is Brushed Aside

REGINA, SK – Saskatchewan Liberal leader Jeff Walters is calling on Premier Scott Moe to create an independent review to look at his government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic by 4pm on April 19th. Failure to do so by this date and time will result in Walters pursuing an inquiry to do the job.

“The sixth wave of COVID is here. Hospitals are filling up, healthcare workers and teachers stressed, and the public intentionally uninformed,” stated Walters. “This is not a winning strategy, this is surrender. A government who surrenders needs to be held accountable. For the good of all families in Saskatchewan, we need to see how we got here and what we can do. An independent inquiry will do just that.”

Walters explains that in British Columbia, the provincial government has already started their own independent review. Saskatchewan has consistently had among the worst COVID statistics in Canada throughout the pandemic. Failing to hold an independent review means continuing on with the same failed policies and strategies.

“We all know the Premier is not interested in conducting an independent review. When a government refuses to look out for the interests of the citizens they govern, other legal, democratic methods need to be considered to force them to.”