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Robert Rudachyk Announced as Interim Saskatchewan Liberal Leader

SASKATOON – The Saskatchewan Liberal Party announced today that Robert Rudachyk has been appointed as Interim Party Leader.

“I am both humbled and inspired by this great responsibility. This is no easy role that I am stepping into, but it is one which I feel is important in order to help re-build a centrist political voice in this province,” said Rudachyk.

Born in Saskatoon, Robert grew up in the City of Weyburn. He returned to Saskatoon to study Biology at the University of Saskatchewan and received a Bachelor of Sciences degree in 1990. He is a father of two, and is active in the community, having served terms on the Mayfair School Community Council and the local community association, in addition to work within his faith community.

“My first task is to continue building the Liberal team to give Saskatchewan voters a viable alternative at the ballot box, one that will hold Scott Moe and the Saskatchewan Party to account for all the divisions they have sown to divert from their fiscal mismanagement, short-sighted policies, and failure to adapt for the future,” commented Rudachyk, “We must strive to diversify our economy to better withstand the boom and bust cycles of commodities, and work towards adapting our energy industry. Oil and gas will always be a part of our economy, but tapping into our nearly unlimited potential for renewable energy such as solar, wind, and geothermal, and investing in power storage capabilities would create economic opportunities and ensure a long-term, secure energy supply.”

“The idea of government being accountable directly to the voters is being crushed under the heel of special interest groups buying the loyalty of politicians through huge and ethically questionable donations to political parties. This is why it is long past time to place limits on personal donations, and ban donations from corporations or trade unions. Meanwhile, many working people in our province are struggling, and were even before the current pandemic. I’ve experienced this personally too well. To begin to address this, we must create a more fair taxation formula which encourages businesses to invest in jobs, training, safety and innovation.”

Rudachyk is running in the constituency of Saskatoon Westview in the upcoming provincial election. He previously ran in the 2016 election in Saskatoon Riversdale.

“I look forward to working hard to offer a path to a better future for our province; helping our people, families, and businesses recover and prosper through a more diversified and sustainable economy,” concluded Rudachyk.