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Saskatchewan Liberals Outline 2020 Election Plan

SASKATOON – The Saskatchewan Liberal Party has released their platform for the 2020 provincial election, focusing on four key themes: Building a strong and diversified economy, supporting families and communities, leadership in education & health care, and ensuring fair and efficient government.

“Our ideas are based on creating a better future for our province by building a more diversified and sustainable economy, and giving more Saskatchewan people and families the opportunity to reach their greatest potential. We have the power to strengthen our economy to better withstand the boom and bust cycles brought on by increasingly unpredictable commodity prices. We can achieve this by tapping into our nearly unlimited potential for renewable energy, creating more ways to get our goods and resources to market, and supporting more diverse job-creating sectors such as the film industry,” said Interim Saskatchewan Liberal Leader Robert Rudachyk.

“We can also bring more immediate relief for families and communities that are struggling, by eliminating PST on all insurance products, and reducing the tax burden on low and middle-income families,” said Rudachyk, “and there’s no better time than now to make sure our government is accountable to the voters, not to the interests of large (and often out-of-province) political party donors. That is why we would follow the lead of many other jurisdictions by banning donations from any corporation or trade union, and setting a reasonable limit on personal donations.”

Further details on the many positive ideas Saskatchewan Liberals are bringing forward during this election can be viewed at

The Saskatchewan Liberal candidates running in the 2020 provincial election are Robert Rudachyk in Saskatoon Westview, Bruno Sahut in Regina Lakeview, and Jeff Walters in Regina Northeast.