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Saskatchewan Liberal Party Lines Up Election Platform

REGINA – The Saskatchewan Liberal Party’s Annual General Meeting and Policy Convention took place in Regina on the weekend of May 4th. Following the party’s invitation to members to submit policy resolutions on issues that matter the most to Saskatchewan citizens, new guidance was given to the leadership of the Party.

The current Saskatchewan government fails to address the lack of adequate child care in the province. The Saskatchewan Liberal Party calls for a comprehensive overhaul of the child care system to ensure more affordable quality child care throughout the province. We call on the other parties in the province to participate with us in a non-partisan way, to assure the health, welfare, and proper education of all children in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan NDP is silent on how they will deal with climate change, and the ruling Saskatchewan Party resists the current federal carbon pricing program, and spends our tax dollars in vain to challenge the constitutional authority of the federal government. The Saskatchewan Liberal Party reiterates its policy to implement a guaranteed feed-in tariff for producers of alternative electrical production such as solar and wind. By being able to sell their surplus energy to Sask Power, smaller producers will be able to finance significant installations, including wind farms, that will displace our need to burn coal to produce electricity. The Saskatchewan Liberal Party approves the use of carbon pricing as an effective and fair way to transition to a low-carbon economy, but we prefer to implement a Saskatchewan-ready plan within the provisions of the current federal legislation.

The investment needed to upgrade the province’s aging and inefficient electrical power grid, in large part must come from the sensible development of our natural resources. The Saskatchewan Liberal Party is the only party in Saskatchewan with a plan to build a pipeline to get our oil to new markets. We propose to use revenue from carbon pricing, and investments from municipal and Indigenous partners to build a pipeline to the Port of Churchill which already has oil-handling facilities. This will open new markets in which we can receive a fair price for our oil.

 The Saskatchewan Liberal Party has heard the concerns and taken the advice of the membership at the AGM, and knows that voters in Saskatchewan seek meaningful in government policy that must take place now. We need a new voice in the Saskatchewan Legislature to speak to the issues that matter most to the citizens of Saskatchewan: the economy, the environment, and families. The Saskatchewan Liberal Party, under the leadership of Naveed Anwar, is ready to represent the best interests of Saskatchewan in the next provincial election.