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Saskatchewan Liberal Response to Resignation of Brad Wall

Following the announcement by Brad Wall that he will be stepping down, the Saskatchewan Liberal Party wishes to extend our thanks to Premier Wall for his personal commitment and public service to our province.

“While the best intentions of Premier Wall cannot be questioned, unfortunately his government has left behind a long list of lost opportunities that will have a long-term impact on every Saskatchewan citizen,” said Saskatchewan Liberal Leader Darrin Lamoureux, “After squandering every last dollar of resource revenues during the boom, building costly mega-projects, and being responsible for scandals such as the GTH, we are now faced with the consequences of that government mismanagement, including rising taxes and cuts to critical government services affecting the most vulnerable citizens. Worst, nothing has been left for our province to save for future generations or to begin the transition towards a more diverse, competitive and environmentally sustainable economy.”

The Saskatchewan Liberal Party will continue to show leadership and put forward new ideas to build a strong and more diversified Saskatchewan economy where all citizens can benefit. Leader Darrin Lamoureux, Saskatoon Fairview candidate Shah Rukh, and all members of the Party look forward to being a part of the political renewal that is already beginning to take shape in our province.