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Walters Announces Petition to Force Plebiscite on COVID Inquiry

Saskatchewan Liberal Leader Jeffrey Walters addresses members at the 2021 Leadership Convention on October 16, 2021

REGINA, SK – Saskatchewan Liberal leader Jeff Walters today announced a petition to force a province-wide plebiscite on the issue of creating an independent inquiry into the Moe Government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“At this defining moment, we cannot wait any longer,” stated Walters. “It is within our power, the power of the people of Saskatchewan, to petition our government to hold a plebiscite. And, through a plebiscite we can create an independent inquiry. The time is now.”

The provincial government under Premier Moe has some of the worst COVID outcomes (deaths, infection rates, hospitalizations) per capita in the country. Yet, the Premier has not just resisted being proactive, but has actively been underreporting, or not reporting at all, important information that the people could use to make informed decisions. Now the sixth wave has come and the Moe government intends to keep doing little to fight it. This deserves an inquiry into how and why the Premier is making the decisions he has been.

“We all know the Premier is not interested in conducting an independent review,” said Walters. “He has stated as much. When leaders refuse to lead and the opposition seems unable to hold them accountable, it is time to step up and use the legal, democratic tools necessary to do what needs to be done. It is time. Join us at”