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Walters Calls for Saturday Protest at Legislature

REGINA, SK – Saskatchewan Liberal leader Jeff Walters is calling for a protest this Saturday at the Legislature to express discontent with Premier Scott Moe’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Premier Moe and his ministers have not been transparent at all in their decision-making during the pandemic,” said Walters, “nor have they been held accountable to the people of Saskatchewan for those decisions. On Saturday, I am going to the Legislature and exercise my freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly to show my displeasure. If anyone feels the same, I ask that they come join me.”

The Premier’s actions have continually contradicted the opinion of experts and front-line workers, with little attempt to explain why these decisions were made and who is advising him. Further, the official opposition has been unable to keep Moe and his government accountable.

“We do not live in a dictatorship. In extraordinary times, many different expressions of democracy need to be explored. It is our right; it is our duty. Our province, our communities, and our families deserve better,” said Walters.

The protest will begin at noon on Saturday, February 5th.

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